Legal Tech


Introducing AI to find evidence in international proceedings and fraud investigations
Achieve overwhelming efficiency


International proceedings e-discovery support

As a pioneer of eDiscovery comprehensive support companies in Asia, FRONTEO has contributed to the field of legal tech by providing one-stop services from data identification and preservation to data processing, document review, and submission data creation.
artificial intelligence"KIBITThe self-developed software "Lit i View", which has evolved as an excellent data analysis platform for Asian language processing, reduces the cost and time required for e-discovery.

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Fraud detection forensic investigation

As a leading company in forensic research, FRONTEO understands the incidents that are occurring with our customers and proposes the most effective and cost-effective research.We support a wide range of surveys, including log files in various devices and systems such as PCs and smartphones, and big data analysis.
Since the dawn of digital forensics in Japan, FRONTEO has conducted various surveys.Based on that experience, we will make survey proposals tailored to the needs of our customers and carry out surveys with the ability to execute.

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Solutions for government agencies and law enforcement agencies

As a pioneer in the field of digital forensics in Japan, FRONTEO has provided not only forensic research but also software manufacturing, sales, support, and training in total since its establishment.With a wealth of experience and high reliability, we also introduce and train digital forensic tools for law enforcement agencies such as police agencies.He also participated in the establishment of the "Digital Forensics Study Group" and contributed to its development.Through lectures and lectures, we are also working to popularize and promote digital forensics in Japan.

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Peacetime solution

In order to prevent the development in an emergency, we will utilize our proprietary artificial intelligence KIBIT to make proposals to prevent fraudulent activities even in an environment without human resources and know-how, and manage data from normal times. We provide solutions that support monitoring or storage.In addition, we provide support from the discovery of fraudulent acts to the settlement of cases, as well as post-mortem consulting.

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Why FRONTEO is chosen

Proven proprietary technology and one-stop service ensure high quality in discovery assistance while reducing costs at the same time.

Utilization of in-house developed artificial intelligence

  • ・ Asia's only service / software vendor
  • ・ Supports multiple languages ​​including difficult Asian languages
  • ・ Cost reduction by original artificial intelligence technology
  • ・ Flexible support for special data

One-stop service

  • ・ One-stop service for all e-discovery / survey processes (only in Japan)
  • ・ Has a track record of handling many cross-border projects
  • ・ Projects can be operated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Professional team support

  • ・ Experienced staff support
  • ・ US / Japan lawyer qualification holder enrolled
  • ・ Established a 135-seat review center in Japan
  • ・ Smooth communication with acting lawyers and engineers by lawyers with experience in law firms


International proceedings / fraud investigation

10,300 or more in total

International proceedings (Discovery support)

More than 8,400 correspondences

US / European proceedings (experience in submitting affidavits)
Antitrust proceedings / IP proceedings / Class Action proceedings / PL proceedings etc.

Fraud investigation (Digital forensics)

More than 1,900 orders

Leakage of technical information / Leakage of business information / Fraudulent accounting / Embezzlement / Kickback / Unemployed / Cartel / Bribery / Evidence concealment case / Evidence submission case etc.

Training (Digital forensics)

Over 1,100 students

National Police Agency, Ministry of Defense, Prefectural Police Headquarters nationwide
Other government offices, companies (manufacturing industry, IT-related industry, electric power, telecommunications industry, financial institutions, etc.)

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