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Forensics / Information Security Survey Case Studies

In recent years, the environment surrounding us is changing day by day due to globalization and the evolution of digital devices.Under such circumstances, threats from outside the organization and frauds committed inside the organization are becoming more sophisticated and sophisticated, and there are many cases that may shake the foundation of the organization, such as cyber attacks, internal fraud, information leaks, and compliance violations. doing.Once an incident occurs, the damage is enormous, and regaining trust can be time consuming and costly. As a leading company in forensic investigations, FRONTEO is a one-stop solution from incident-free solutions for normal times (email monitoring, etc.) to incident response (forensic investigations) and proposals for post-incident countermeasures. Is provided.Here, we will introduce typical forensic cases and information security investigation cases among various in-house fraud / cyber security cases that are actually occurring.

List of cases

Case1: Taking out confidential corporate information Operation log investigation related to the Unfair Competition Prevention Law

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Case2: Investigation of personal information leakage due to malware infection

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<Case to be published next time> Case3: Normal audit operation of all overseas subsidiaries by the head office  * Case details are subject to change.


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