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Established in November 2018 with the slogan of “making all agreements fair”.The contract is based on the strengths of our high technical capabilities in the field of natural language processing, especially in the field of machine learning, and the legal resources of Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu, one of the four major law firms with an investment of 11 million yen. We are currently providing the Contract Lifecycle Management service "MNTSQ" that transforms a series of business processes. “MNTSQ CLM” is a service that transforms a series of business processes in the legal domain for large companies.Legal-related data in the company can be automatically linked to "MNTSQ CLM", and by supporting everything from contract creation, examination, and management to knowledge creation, Legal Risk Management and legal work can be accelerated. be realized at the same time.We will make it possible to search for information necessary for contract management and compliance with the Electronic Book Storage Act, such as the counterparty to the contract, the contract conclusion date, the expiration date, and the transaction amount, and extract it using machine learning. can do.Furthermore, by analyzing the contents of contracts at the clause level, it is possible to automatically accumulate useful knowledge for contract work.In addition, the best practices of contract work (contract template, clauses and explanations) supervised by Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu Law Office can be viewed on MNTSQ CLM, so the entire department, including the training of young employees, can We will also contribute to the improvement of quality.