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Oh-Ebashi Law Office was established in 1981 under the spirit of "creating a good office" for people, society and the times.The name comes from the Oe Bridge, which is a national important cultural property that spans the Dojima River sandbank in Osaka. The Shanghai office was opened in 1995, the Tokyo office in 2002, and the Nagoya office in 2015. Currently, the Tokyo office and the Osaka office have grown to the same size, and the total number of lawyers is about 150 (foreign law office). (including solicitors) has become a comprehensive law firm.For about 40 years, we have been a comprehensive law firm that provides superior legal services to our clients in various fields.We will earnestly face what we should do in the midst of all the changes of the times, and we will continue to work tirelessly to be the best partner for our clients.