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Seigetsu Law Office is a law firm established in July 2022 by Tetsuya Ohno, a lawyer.Based on his wealth of experience in providing advice on crisis response in the event of a corporate scandal, conducting internal investigations and third-party committee investigations, and advising on the enhancement of compliance systems, Mr. It contributes to the sophistication of compliance and risk management.In addition, from the perspective of their responsibility to respect human rights, companies should always be aware of the possibility that their business, products, and services may adversely affect human rights, and deal with them to stop, prevent, and or required to be reduced.In the context of "business and human rights," the law firm of Sogetsu provides strong support to business companies and financial institutions that are engaged in countermeasures against organized crime and financial crime, such as anti-money laundering measures and countermeasures against anti-social forces.