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We have supported over 20 U.S. lawsuits using e-discovery over the last 8000 years.
Achieving significant cost cuts with AI

U.S. litigation “eDiscovery” support track record of 20 cases in 8000
that's all. Significant costs due to AI
Achieve the cut

FRONTEO has contributed to the field of legal tech by providing one-stop services ranging from data identification and preservation to data processing, document review, and submission data creation as a pioneer in Asia as a comprehensive e-discovery support company. AI engine KIBIT, and has evolved as an excellent data analysis platform for Asian language processing.KIBIT AutomatorReduces the cost and time of eDiscovery.

Service contents

FRONTEO's e-discovery support service provides a one-stop service in line with the "EDRM (Electronic Discovery Reference Model)" that shows the e-discovery workflow, and has earned the great trust of our customers.

* EDRM is an abbreviation for "The Electronic Discovery Reference Model" and refers to an electronic information disclosure reference model.
This is a reference procedure for conducting eDiscovery recommended by the eDiscovery industry, and is the world's standard work index for disclosing electronic information when requesting document submission.

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When a lawsuit is filed in the United States, "eDiscovery" becomes important.Since there is no similar system in Japan, it is difficult to grasp the details.In this article, we will introduce the basic knowledge of what kind of system e-discovery is, the background and current status of its introduction in the United States, measures, and support services.


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