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Save money and time

As a pioneer of eDiscovery comprehensive support companies in Asia, FRONTEO has contributed to the field of legal tech by providing one-stop services from data identification and preservation to data processing, document review, and submission data creation.
artificial intelligence"KIBIT, A self-developed software that has evolved as an excellent data analysis platform for Asian language processing.Lit i ViewReduces the cost and time of eDiscovery.

Service contents

FRONTEO's e-discovery support service provides a one-stop service in line with the "EDRM (Electronic Discovery Reference Model)" that shows the e-discovery workflow, and has earned the great trust of our customers.

* EDRM is an abbreviation for "The Electronic Discovery Reference Model" and refers to an electronic information disclosure reference model.
This is a reference procedure for conducting eDiscovery recommended by the eDiscovery industry, and is the world's standard work index for disclosing electronic information when requesting document submission.


One stop

FRONTEO is a leading Japanese company that can provide a one-stop service for the entire e-discovery process, from data integrity to the creation of submitted documents.

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FRONTEO uses the technology and know-how cultivated in dealing with cases for more than 10 years to provide solutions that help the department in charge of litigation efficiently collect, extract, and browse electronic evidence and contribute to reducing the risk of corporate legal affairs.

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Asian language support

It supports a wide range of multi-byte characters peculiar to Asian languages, including support for character codes peculiar to Japanese, and can accurately process electronic documents including multiple languages ​​such as Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. Is possible.

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As a specialist in comprehensive e-discovery support, FRONTEO handles a large number of cross-border projects and supports customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through global operations.

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Artificial intelligence application technology

An e-discovery support solution originally developed based on the knowledge, know-how, and technology accumulated from our abundant achievements.

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Japanese review

We have review centers in Japan, the United States, South Korea, and Taiwan, and provide review services in their respective languages.

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