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Without taking the data out of the country
Service can be provided

Intelligence Cloud is a cloud platform that enables FRONTEO's various applications to be provided as SaaS.


International litigation support (e-discovery) handles highly confidential data, so it is not possible to store the data anywhere.Due to the international proceedings in each country, it is desirable to send only the narrowed down data that needs to be submitted overseas.
Since FRONTEO has cloud environments in each country shown in the figure below, it is possible to provide services without taking data out of the country.In addition to that, it has various added values ​​such as virtual application technology, 24/365 multilingual (Japanese, English) technical support, global legal engineer placement, disaster recovery support, etc., and is economical and safe. We provide a high level of convenience and expandability.



  • ■ Since the customer does not need to build the system environment in-house, it is possible to reduce the construction cost and operation cost, and significantly reduce the management cost of data scattered in each country.
  • ■ Providing a virtual private environment that is both safe and economical
  • ■ Compared to the conventional dedicated hosting service, it is possible to significantly reduce costs when the project is prolonged and the capacity is increased.
  • ■ Not only hosting pay-as-you-go costs, but also various option plans such as reviews and archives can be offered at a significantly reduced cost.

安全 性

  • ■ It is possible to store the entrusted data in the local country and submit only the data related to the proceedings overseas.
  • ■ Achieves high security such as prohibition of remote data download by virtual application technology (Citrix)
  • ■ Secure Internet encrypted communication (HTTP over SSL)
  • ■ Communication control by firewall
  • ■ Logical network separation by VLAN
  • ■ Data redundancy with a dedicated disaster recovery site

Cleaning up

  • ■ Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anytime, anywhere in the world via the Internet or VPN
  • ■ Multilingual (Japanese, English) technical support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • ■ We have legal engineers in each country to process large-scale data locally without forwarding.
  • ■ Easy usage environment that does not require user IT literacy
  • ■ Temporary use plans such as in-house audit plans can also be provided


  • ■ On-demand service that allows you to use the functions and services you need, when you need them
  • ■ We can also provide a private cloud environment that occupies devices such as servers / storage.
  • ■ FRONTEO can provide one-stop support for legal processes for the entire process of e-discovery support as well as application services.


Intelligence Cloud builds a customer-specific environment on the hardware and network resources prepared by FRONTEO in advance using the latest virtualization technology.While ensuring safety functions such as security and redundancy, it also reduces system operation costs.On-demand use is also possible, where you can build an environment immediately when you want to use it.


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