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As a leading company in forensic research, FRONTEO understands the incidents that are occurring with our customers and proposes the most effective and cost-effective research.We support a wide range of surveys, including log files in various devices and systems such as PCs and smartphones, and big data analysis.
Since the dawn of digital forensics in Japan, FRONTEO has conducted various surveys.Based on that experience, we will make survey proposals tailored to the needs of our customers and carry out surveys with the ability to execute.

Service contents

The steps of FRONTEO's forensic investigation service are divided into four parts: "hearing," "preservation of evidence," "investigation," and "reporting."The survey period varies depending on the scope of the survey, but is not proportional to the number of devices.We will keep you informed of the progress of the investigation.In our actual results, there are survey examples of several days to several months.Please contact us for details.



  • ・ Confirmation of survey targets, survey items, deadlines, etc.
  • ・ Conclude a non-disclosure agreement
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Evidence preservation

  • -Safely secure data in a non-modifiable format
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  • ・ Data recovery
  • ・ Various trace investigations
  • ・ Email and document survey
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  • ・ Preparation of documents to be submitted to the court
  • ・ Report creation
  • ・ Result report session
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Correspondence range


You can investigate common devices.Specifically, the following devices are applicable.Please contact us for other equipment.

PC (Win, Mac, Linux ... etc.)
Smartphones / tablets (iOS, Android, Win… etc.)
Various servers / NAS
Removable media (external HDD, USB memory, various SD cards, MO, CD, DVD, FD ... etc.)

Item type

The range of utilization of forensic surveys is wide, and it can be applied to "fields that require analysis of digital data".The following are examples of projects that we have received many inquiries about.

Information leakage / data falsification / embezzlement / kickback / domestic collusion / purchase fraud / labor problem / identification of phantom document creator / harassment problem / security case / consignment (appraisal) investigation support for investigative agencies

Case study


復 元

Mr. X, a sales representative of a certain company, accidentally erased the data on the company PC.The deleted data includes sales-related data, customer lists, and email data exchanged with customers.In particular, I want to restore emails exchanged with customers.Also, I would like to return the PC to work in the shortest possible time.

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Evidence preservation

It turned out that Mr. X, a retired former employee of company A, has changed jobs to competitor company B.An in-house investigation revealed that "Mr. X had copied a large amount of trade secret data to a USB stick 2-3 days before his retirement date" in the log of the security audit tool.Promptly consult with a lawyer and, in the presence of a judge, carry out the "evidence preservation petition trial" stipulated in Article 234 of the Code of Civil Procedure to preserve evidence of trade secret data existing at the homes of Company B and Mr. X. A plan to do was made.

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Information leakage investigation

There was whistle-blowing information that Mr. X, an employee who will retire soon, "has taken out trade secret information", and it became necessary to investigate Mr. X's company PC and company mobile phone (smartphone).

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Embezzlement / kickback investigation

It was pointed out that Mr. X, the manager of the marketing department of company A, was doing something flashy, and company B, which the department requested to produce promotional materials, contacted the legal department of the company.When I inquired Company B about the amount billed and paid for promotional materials in an in-house investigation, it was discovered that there was a discrepancy.

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Labor issues

Company A employee X became ill while working and was taken to a hospital and died a few weeks later.Since Mr. X's family had heard before Mr. X's life that he was staying at work because he was too busy to go home, he thought that there was overwork due to work in the causal relationship with Mr. X's death. He filed a complaint with the Labor Standards Inspection Office through a lawyer.Based on the allegation, Company A conducted an internal investigation into Mr. X's working conditions, but could not confirm the working conditions that would lead to overwork.In the wake of this situation, the Labor Standards Inspection Office decided to sort out the arguments of both parties by saying, "Electronic devices that record all the work and living conditions of Mr. X, including the PC used by Mr. X at work. FRONTEO decided to conduct an investigation because it requested Company A to "investigate and clarify the facts."

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Security case

Company A received a message from its business partner, Company B, that "a suspicious e-mail claiming to be Company A has arrived." When company A conducted an in-house investigation, a virus was detected from a terminal dedicated to the business management system.Customer information is stored in the terminal, and it became necessary to promptly confirm whether or not personal information was leaked.

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Cost performance

Wide variety
Compatible with devices

Different types
Case investigation is possible

With high technology
Accurate output

Correspondence record

With advanced technology
Reliable research technology

Of a large amount of documents
Efficient research

Abundant forensics
Training achievements


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