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Not just forensic surveys
We provide total software manufacturing, sales, support, and training.

As a pioneer in the field of digital forensics in Japan, FRONTEO has provided not only forensic research but also software manufacturing, sales, support, and training in total since its establishment.With a wealth of experience and high reliability, we also introduce and train digital forensic tools for law enforcement agencies such as police agencies.
He also participated in the establishment of the "Digital Forensics Study Group" and contributed to its development.Through lectures and lectures, we are also working to popularize and promote digital forensics in Japan.

Service contents

In-house developed digital forensic software

Based on the knowledge and know-how cultivated through abundant research experience, we have independently developed electronic data analysis software equipped with artificial intelligence "KIBIT".It also supports double-byte characters peculiar to Asian languages, enabling accurate processing of electronic documents including multiple languages ​​such as Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.It also has a Central Linkage function that analyzes the correlation and behavior of people from the history and contents of emails sent and received, dramatically speeding up the investigation and extraction of important email data.

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Forensic tools
(Sales agency)

FRONTEO not only develops forensic tools independently, but also sells forensic tools such as mobile terminal data extraction, analysis software, data copy tools, data erasure tools, and write protection tools used by overseas investigative agencies on behalf of them. I am.

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We provide training courses for investigators and investigators in general companies to acquire digital forensic technology.A total of about 1,030 people (as of September 2019) have taken the course to meet diverse needs, from the knowledge required for forensics to advanced evidence preservation and analysis technologies.

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Appraisal survey request

FRONTEO has won high praise for its abundant experience and achievements in appraisal surveys that require high accuracy and reliability.We accept many requests for appraisal of electronic data in criminal investigations from law enforcement agencies.

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