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Equipped with artificial intelligence KIBIT


Effect of KIBIT

By learning important documents in advance, KIBIT can give high scores to documents that are close to their contents and sort a large number of documents in order of priority.

Target data

I am good at reading the characteristics of human-written sentences in text information such as emails, patents, and reports.Available in 4 languages: Japanese, English, Korean and Chinese.

Effective work

It is effective for streamlining operations that require mass reviews by the human eye and for finding important documents that cannot be found by keyword search alone.

Forensic tools

For mobile terminal data extraction / analysis

MSAB Office

Supports more than 28,100 devices and apps (as of XRY ver8.1).Unlike smartphone data acquisition tools made by other companies, all the data acquired by this product is encrypted, so data tampering is impossible and it is possible to guarantee reliable evidence.

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MSAB Tablet

A portable solution for easy and quick research. The MSAB tablet is a lightweight and easy-to-use turnkey solution.It's designed for front-line sites where mobile data recovery needs to be done quickly for timely evidence.

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XRY Drone

Quickly access and analyze drone forensic data.Users will be able to extract and decrypt data found on the most popular consumer-grade DJI drones.

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Mac PC data integrity tool.
Native support for T2 chips, APFS, CoreStorage, Fusion drives and FileValult.Data can be acquired from a Mac PC regardless of whether the power is on or off.

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Mac PC data analysis tool.
A forensic tool that can accurately identify, display, and analyze Apple Extended Metadata.The survey period can be expected to be shortened.

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Write protection tool

UltraBlock USB 3.0 IDE-SATA Write Blocker

Adopts USB3.0 as an interface.It is now possible to access research devices faster than ever while eliminating the risk of data alteration.

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UltraBlock USB 3.0 Write Blocker Kit

Data can be viewed while physically writing-protecting the storage medium connected via USB.You can also check the information of the connected device.

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UltraBlock USB 3.0 -Forensic Card Reader-

By using this product, you can browse data while protecting the media from various standards.In addition, by adopting USB3.0 for the interface, faster investigation can be realized.

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