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why do you need it?Why small businesses should prepare for cyberattacks

More than half of domestic cyberattacks damage small and medium-sized enterprises

In recent years, the damage caused by information leaks due to cyberattacks and unauthorized access has been increasing and occurring one after another all over the world.According to a report by the Metropolitan Police Department, in Japanransomware damage230 ofThe actual situation is that small and medium-sized enterprises are damaged53%and more than half of the total, and the cost for investigation and restoration was 1,000 million yen to less than 5,000 million yen.33%Has become.

SMEs targeted

Not only government agencies, large companies, and medical institutions, but also small and medium-sized enterprises have been affected.Action is required.

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In small and medium-sized enterprises where the employment of human resources with specialized knowledge is not widespread, there remains concern about the speed and expertise of emergency response.
Based on the know-how obtained from the overwhelming achievement of 10,600 cases, FRONTEO
We support the initial response of small and medium-sized enterprises.


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