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With the proprietary AI "KIBIT"
Conduct large-scale and short-term surveys
“LegalTech AI Lab.”

Currently, companies are conducting various investigations and risk cases such as legal risks such as legal proceedings and compliance violations at home and abroad, internal control problems that occur through accounting and auditing, and cyber security measures such as information leakage due to intrusion from the outside. Is occurring.Also, in recent years, as seen in cases where a third-party committee is set up, even if the amount of data to be investigated is large, it is required to report in a short period of time.

In response to these situations, FRONTEO has been working on two legal tech business facilities since its establishment in 2003, DOC (Discovery Operation Center) and digital forensics (electronic forensics), which support discovery (discovery system in international proceedings). FOC (Forensic Operation Center), which conducts fraud investigations by, has been integrated as LegalTech AI Lab.With the opening of this facility, we will be able to handle areas beyond the scope of forensics and discovery, with the latest technologies such as the proprietary artificial intelligence engine KIBIT and the Lit i View series, as well as the research capabilities and legal affairs cultivated over many years. We will provide a wide range of companies with early detection and resolution of problems by making the best use of our know-how in dealing with and internal control.

Corresponds to changes in technique

In discovery, the records that were once on the server and PC are stored on the cloud or on mobile terminals, which increases the importance of cutting-edge digital forensic research technology, such as combining data analysis and behavior analysis using logs.

In forensics, large-scale data analysis is required in a short period of time in the investigation by a third-party committee, and it is essential to introduce the latest investigation technology such as AI cultivated in discovery and process management.

The number of third-party committees established by listed companies increased significantly from 2017 in 39 to 2018 in 71.Accounting and financial problems such as fraudulent accounting and asset diversion occupy the most content, and the number of cases that require extensive investigation due to organizational concealment and falsification is increasing.

When a cyber security incident occurs, it is necessary to take immediate measures to prevent damage confirmation and secondary spread, such as identifying leaked data and intrusion routes.


From the time the matter occurs to the time it is closed
Consistent response

We perform one-stop services from data collection and maintenance immediately after the occurrence of a survey project to preprocessing, data analysis, progress check, and compilation of reports and countermeasures, enabling consistent response from early action start to close.

In-house developed AI engine,
Utilization of system and software

Using the AI ​​engine "KIBIT" that was originally developed, we have achieved the completeness of data surveys and the efficiency of preferentially checking the data to be viewed.System and software developed for Legal TechLit i View series”, Process management and data management of the consistent proceedings support workflow on the system.It is possible to customize and tune by taking advantage of the strength of in-house development, and to respond early even when a problem occurs.

Data analysis with the latest technology,
Implementation of log analysis

Utilizing the latest tools developed in-house and externally, we perform data salvage and recovery of corrupted data in the facility, trace and check various logs, and report the results.Aggregate information, share technology, etc.

International responsiveness

For international projects, we can utilize various human networks, including 10 overseas bases including the United States, and take the necessary cooperation for project investigation.In terms of language, the AI ​​engine "KIBIT" can be used in Japanese, Chinese, English, and Korean languages, and native staff can handle the language of each project.


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