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For behavioral information science
Backed technology

From e-discovery support / forensic research to the healthcare business, the foundation of FRONTEO is technology backed by behavioral information science. At the Institute of Behavioral Information Science, which produces FRONTEO technology, in-house developed software "Lit i View" and artificial intelligence "KIBIT" products are being developed every day.
"Lit i View" can handle special character codes peculiar to Japanese, identification of difficult delimiter positions in Asian languages ​​such as Japanese, Korean, and Chinese, and mailers peculiar to Asia. ..Unlike using other companies' products, the software is developed in-house, so you can flexibly customize your own system or special data.
In addition, for data storage, we provide the cloud platform "Intelligence Cloud" that enables various FRONTEO applications to be provided as SaaS.Since we have a cloud environment at our domestic and overseas bases, we can store data in our own country and avoid the risk of forced information disclosure by overseas authorities including the United States and inadvertent information leakage.

Unique artificial intelligence

Developed for the purpose of "discovering information",
"Human judgment" with little teacher data
Reproduce AI "KIBIT"

"KIBIT" is an artificial intelligence engine originally developed by FRONTEO that combines Landscaping, an artificial intelligence-related technology, and behavioral information science.By combining the "subtleties" of the human mind (KIBI) and the unit of information "bits" (BIT), it means "artificial intelligence that can learn the subtleties of humans."By reading the meaning of sentences from texts and learning the tacit knowledge and feelings of people, it is possible to reproduce judgments and how to select information on behalf of people.

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Equipped with artificial intelligence KIBIT

By learning important documents in advance, you can sort a large number of documents in order of priority by giving a high score to documents that are close to the content.It is effective for streamlining operations that require mass reviews by the human eye and for finding important documents that cannot be found by keyword search alone.

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Cloud platform

Intelligence Cloud is a cloud platform that enables FRONTEO's various applications to be provided in SaaS.This makes it possible to provide services without taking the data out of the country.

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