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FRONTEO offers training courses that meet a variety of needs, from beginners to advanced.
You can acquire a variety of skills, from the knowledge required for forensics to advanced evidence preservation and analysis techniques.
We also offer courses where you can acquire general practical knowledge of eDiscovery.

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  • I want to acquire basic knowledge for conducting surveys, such as the structure and structure of PCs and data.
  • I want to acquire precautions, procedures, and techniques for preserving digital data evidence
  • I want to perform simple browsing of data

incident response

In the event of an incident, you will learn how to minimize the spread of the damage, and learn about appropriate "preparation" and "post-action" from a forensic perspective.
[2-day course]

Digital forensic conservation practice

In a digital forensic investigation, it is evidence preservation that determines the success of the subsequent investigation.In conservation practice training, you will learn from the basics of digital forensics through practical training the techniques necessary for proper evidence preservation.
[2-day course]

IntermediateIntermediate and

  • I want to learn basic digital data analysis methods through practice
  • I want to conduct an efficient forensic survey using Lit i View

Lit i View XAMINER

Learn the basic usage of "Lit i View XAMINER" developed by FRONTEO.
[2-day course]

Basics of digital forensic analysis

With the increasing use of PCs and smartphones, the seizure and investigation of digital devices in crimes has become unavoidable.From this basic knowledge of digital data, you will learn the characteristics and analysis methods of basic artifacts required for digital forensics through hands-on training.
[2-day course]

Mobile analysis training

As a forensic survey method for mobile terminals that contain a lot of personal information, you will learn the basics of data acquisition methods and analysis methods from mobile terminals in a practical format.
[2-day course]

Windows forensics

In forensic research, Windows analysis technology, which boasts an overwhelming market share as an OS, is indispensable.
In this training course, we aim to acquire research and analysis techniques from a comprehensive perspective, targeting the basic artifacts necessary to find traces of systematic behavior and target behavior in Windows PC surveys. ..
[3-day course]


  • I want to deepen my understanding of the information recorded in the registry and learn how to analyze the registry.
  • I want to analyze browser usage history and email data recorded on my PC

Lit i View XAMINER

This is a course to learn more advanced research and analysis methods using "Lit i View XAMINER".While actually operating a PC, you will learn research and analysis methods that make effective use of artificial intelligence implemented in Lit i View XAMINER.
[2-day course]

Registry Analysis

Based on the forensic surveys that FRONTEO has experienced so far, you will learn the knowledge of the registry and analysis methods required for forensic surveys.
[2-day course]

Memory forensic training

With calls for incident response and fast forensics rising, memory forensics targeting volatile information of operating PCs such as communication status and process status is important because it can lead to faster incident grasping. And the need is drawing attention.
[2-day course]

Customized education

Customized training

FRONTEO, which has various experiences and solid know-how based on computer survey results, will provide the basic knowledge and specialized methods necessary for forensic surveys according to the customer's request.

Customized training


FCE training

"FCE Training" is a training course to train world-class forensic investigators.You can comprehensively acquire the technology and knowledge required for computer forensics, such as advanced evidence preservation technology and analysis technology, and report creation.After taking the course, you will be certified as a "FRONTEO Certified Examiner".

FCE training


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